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Our Internship Programs

Since 1984, KerrPR has hosted many interns from some of the best colleges and universities in the country, including the University of California at Irvine (UCI), University of Southern California (USC), Cal State Long Beach, (CSLB), Universidad Madero, Chapman University, and the U.S, Naval Academy at Annapolis.

Our interns are very hands-on at KerrPR. Each one is given the opportunity to work on creative campaigns, writing assignments, media pitches, and special events. Interns typically work for credited hours toward earning their college degrees; some just want experience. Not every one who applies is accepted.

While interns at the firm are not paid, many receive honorariums. All are thoughtfully mentored. The firm holds an open-door policy for any intern who completes honorable service. They are invited to call or email for advice and assistance at any time. 

The firm has often hired on its interns. Those who are not asked to stay on are frequently coached to find sutitable positions in the workplace.

The agency scouts for those with a strong work ethic; who are motivated to excel; who have positive attitudes.

If you are interested in a KerrPR internship, please contact Shannon Dugger: for more details and an application*

*Please note: We will not accept interns from Cal State Fullerton.

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